Connect Skype and Slack

Two-way integration between groups.
Easy setup. Unlimited members, messages, files.
$25/month per connection. 7 days free trial.

Enterprise solution (separate audited backend or on-premise license, unlimited connections, branding): contact us

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How to use

Installation guide (5 steps, approx. 5 minutes)

1. Install the app to Slack

After installation, open Slack and go to Skylack's home screen.

Click "New connection" and finalize subscription. You'll see a product key. Copy it to the clipboard, you'll need it soon.

2. Add Skylack to Slack channel

Type "@Skylack" (with @) in a message box, press Enter and invite it after prompted.

3. Connect the channel

Paste the product key you copied in step 1 (home screen).

4. Add Skylack to your contacts on Skype

If this link doesn't work on your device, search by email: [email protected].

Important step: send any direct message to it (or click "Say Hi") and wait for reply.

5. Connect Skype group

Invite Skylack to the desired group on Skype and paste the same product key to finish connection.

All done

Welcome aboard!


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